Bhavesh R. Patel, M.D.

Dr. Bhavesh R. Patel is a board-certified specialist in physical medicine & rehabilitation and pain medicine. His medical philosophy centers on a multidisciplinary approach for the prevention and treatment of spine and musculoskeletal injuries. Using this comprehensive approach, he believes that 90 percent of his patients can improve without surgery.

Much of Dr. Patel’s work focuses on helping patients eliminate pain and restore function with conservative treatments. His primary goal is optimizing function. He treats a broad range of pain conditions through nonsurgical treatment, with approaches including medications, coordination of physical therapy and exercise regimens. He also uses various X-ray-guided therapeutic spinal injections such as facet and medial branch blocks, radio-frequency ablation/neurotomy, epidural steroid injections and percutaneous disc decompression. Dr. Patel is trained in electrodiagnostic medicine (NCS/EMG), which can assist in the proper diagnosis of peripheral nerve injuries. In some cases, he may use X-ray-guided spinal injections to alleviate pain so that his patients can participate in physical therapy. When surgery is necessary, he works closely with the team at his group practice to make appropriate recommendations and referrals.

Dr. Patel did his residency in physical medicine and rehabilitation medicine at the Temple University School of Medicine and his fellowship in interventional spine and sports medicine at the world-renowned Spine Institute of New York at the Beth Israel Medical Center in Manhattan. He believes that an individualized approach to each patient leads to the best outcome.


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